Sense has adopted a distinctive approach which sets it apart from other diagnostics companies.

We believe that to allow the potential of molecular point-of-care diagnostics to be realised a new class of product is required that meets the actual needs of front-line users.

Where competitors are repurposing existing technical solutions for use outside the laboratory Sense have developed new methods to realise simple, rapid, handheld tests with the power of advanced laboratory equipment.... we call this True Point-of-Care™.



We exploit a suite of proprietary molecular and device technologies developed from the ground up specifically for integration into our desired product format.

Our molecular methods represent a simple and ultra-rapid alternative to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and enable sensitive detection of specific nucleic acids without the need for complex hardware to perform temperature cycling and fluorescent detection.

Sense devices include innovation in low-cost fluid handling, temperature control and mechanical design and provide conclusive, clinically relevant information in just a few minutes enabling treatment decisions to be actioned immediately.



True Point-of-Care™ requires diagnostic tests to be performed wherever they are needed by end-users, rather than in fixed locations by laboratory scientists. To design the right product requires understanding the needs of those users in detail to ensure they are met.

We adopt a user-centred approach to design ensuring that simplicity and usability are fundamental to our thinking. This drives us to develop the technologies required to realise the ideal product rather than develop compromised products to suit the available technologies.



We have developed highly scalable platform technologies, driven by a systematic approach, to ensure our products meet user and market needs for a wide range of clinical indications.

Building scalability into our device designs from the outset accelerates time-to-market across a portfolio of products and our extensive experience of design for high volume manufacture means that we drive down costs and reduce development risk across multiple applications.

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